Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boring Life

Wow, I just realized how long I din update my blog...I'm too lazy to scratch my head, thinking of what to write in my blog recently...haha

It's been 12 weeks since my last update, coz it's the 12th week of the semester...OMG!!!Final exam is coming soon, and I have 3 tests next week~~~

It's a miserable semester...12 weeks passed but seems like I'm still not so sure what I've studied...This happened to me almost every semester, but this semester is the worst that I had...Especially my FSA...The noob lecturer + noob lecture notes made me always ponteng class...Luckily I have friend's friend who always willing to sign for us...If not, I think I'll be walking around the campus, finding lecturers and lots of solution to get myself unbarred from exam....haha...

I had a boring life here in KL....Seems like my life is the same everyday...Nothing special happened...Every morning, I wake up, go for classes...Then, sit in the class, dunno think of what, but definitely not thinking of what the lecturers teaching...Then, I'll think of whether or not to ponteng classes...Normally, without thinking much, I'll skip those classes which I think not important...

My life is so routine...What a boring life I have...haha...Anyway, exam and tests are coming soon...I have to spend extra efforts to catch's time to study again!!!!!

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