Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boring Life

Wow, I just realized how long I din update my blog...I'm too lazy to scratch my head, thinking of what to write in my blog recently...haha

It's been 12 weeks since my last update, coz it's the 12th week of the semester...OMG!!!Final exam is coming soon, and I have 3 tests next week~~~

It's a miserable semester...12 weeks passed but seems like I'm still not so sure what I've studied...This happened to me almost every semester, but this semester is the worst that I had...Especially my FSA...The noob lecturer + noob lecture notes made me always ponteng class...Luckily I have friend's friend who always willing to sign for us...If not, I think I'll be walking around the campus, finding lecturers and lots of solution to get myself unbarred from exam....haha...

I had a boring life here in KL....Seems like my life is the same everyday...Nothing special happened...Every morning, I wake up, go for classes...Then, sit in the class, dunno think of what, but definitely not thinking of what the lecturers teaching...Then, I'll think of whether or not to ponteng classes...Normally, without thinking much, I'll skip those classes which I think not important...

My life is so routine...What a boring life I have...haha...Anyway, exam and tests are coming soon...I have to spend extra efforts to catch's time to study again!!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Another Beginning

New sem starts,and it's just another beginning...What kind of beginning is it???The beginning of a new sem, or is it the beginning of my nightmare???I'm wondering...

I still can remember last time during my schooldays, everytime school reopen, I felt so excited....I was always so excited to meet my friends at school after a long break...I was so excited to wear my new school uniform...And I was so excited to learn new things at school...But that feeling doesn't come these days....I won't feel excited anymore whenever new semester starts...Just like today...I woke up early in the morning to attend my first class...But I was so sleepy during the class...I really can't pay attention in the class...I was talking and day-dreaming...Utar is such a "good" university...Our first class was held in a condition without air-cond and microphone....The weather itself was already hot...Without air-cond, we were all sweating as if we just bathe...Without mic, we really can't hear our lecturer...OMG!!!What kind of "first day campus-ing" is this???

Luckily our class ended at 12pm today...I wanted to go back home as soon as possible after the class ended as I was really very very very sleepy....Guess what happened???Traffic jam at Genting Klang...We spent around half an hour to reach home from campus....My eyes were about to close the time I reached home...Then, I took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon, but I still felt so sleepy after I woke up...

At night, we went to dinner...We spent more time chatting than eating there...Felt so nice...But I think this wont happen a few weeks later, after all of us start assignments, tests and reports...As we will have to face "Unlimited Test, Assignments,Reports" during our study life in UTAR...Hate it~~

Friday, May 28, 2010

It Bleeds

Result was out...but I'm totally disspointed with it...My 1st class honour gone long long time ago, and now, even my second(upper) class honour is gone...I'm totally "moodless" now...Haiz...It's like no matter how hard I study, I still can't get what I want...

My heart is bleeding...T.T

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holiday Mode~ON!!!!!!!

I wanna shout loudly, no other reason than I've FINISHED my exam...Let's shout for "MERDEKA"!!!!!I've officially finished my year one degree study in UTAR, although my academic performance is not that satisfied, and I know my coming journey will be even harder, but I will proceed till the END!!!FIGHTING~~~

I really HATE having exam...I know everyone do hate exams, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate exams...I've to sacrifice lots of things during exams...My PPS, FB, sleeping time.....Every night before exam, I can't sleep...Whenever I lied on my bed, I just can't stop my brain from functioning....My brain functions extremely well the night before the exam...I keep on thinking and thinking, thinking of nonsence,until in the end, I can't sleep...And it's too torturing looking at my roommates sleep so well while I can't sleep at all...That's why I feel so "homesick" during exam period...

Whatever it is, it's over now...I will be free temporary before the next semester comes, the more challenging semester for me....I'm going to enjoy my semester break, coz I know many of my friends are in Kuantan now too...All having holiday...Hope I will have the chance to meet with them...Miss them all so so so much, miss our old times~~~

It's Peggy's birthday today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEGGY!!!!!

This is it, we celebrated with her just now at "HOMETOWN"...Just a few of us coz the others are still struggling for exam, and some went back their real hometown dy....But I guess it's enough for peggy to have a memorable birthday celebration...=p...We do had fun during the celebration...

It's time to turn on my HOLIDAY MODE now!!!I'm going back to my lovely hometown in few hours time...Wahahaha....Kuantan Kuantan here I come!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

*Weekly Horoscope*

*For many months you have been putting a lot of creative effort into boosting your assets both your credibility and your income. But you start the week with an intransigent matter that you find on your plate once again, and that has to be sorted out once and for all. This may also be connected with children or a development in your social life. Stress is high at the full moon on wednesday, which is a time when aggressive messages are delivered. However, you are also feeling strong and empowered... You are ready for reform and willing to make deep seated change.*

This is the experts comments on my horoscope for the week...I think it is quite accurate...Look at the sentence I've highlighted above, which is really really accurate...Haha...coz I will be having exam on Thursday and Friday, which indicates I will be so so so stress on

Post this just for fun, coz I'm really bored of studying...Hope everything will be alright,especially for this week's exam....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What I need is Determination

I just finished my first paper yesterday....The paper was not as tough as what I've thought...But I really don't know how was my presentation...Anyway, it's over...One paper done...and I have four more papers more before my holiday...Can't wait for my holidayto come...Can't wait to go back Kuantan to meet and gather with my dear friends, and perhaps, going for a trip with TD4...

Just after our first paper yesterday, we went to Wangsa Walk to meet with Siu Eu...He's leaving KL soon and so we had our "Farewell Dinner" in Wangsa Walk...I din't really talk much with him, coz I was busy eating=p...Anyway, wish him all the best in his future...Then, we went to watch IP Man 2...Wangsa Walk's new cinema is quite nice...The seats are quite comfortable...Most importantly, the movie was damn nice...I like it so so so much, even if I din watch IP Man 1...haha...I think Wangsa walk is going to be another nice location for us to hang out after this, since its cinema is quite nice...

Back home, I was too lazy and tired to take out my notes to study...And so, I "PPS-ed" the whole night...Haiz...I promised to myself to at least read a few pages but I was too lazy to do that...At last, I "PPS-ed" till 3 something, hoping that I can finish study Chapter 1 and 2 for LA the next day...

Then today, I wole up quite early, 11 something...and I continued to "PPS"...Haiz....But at least I studied a bit, I finished Chapter 1...Then, went to celebrate Jid Ian's bday at Cola Club...I'm now in progress to finish off my chapter 2...Hope that I can really keep to my promise to finish it off tonight...I need determination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010